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Holder’s Happenings SEPTEMBER 2013 – Vol.III - ISSUE 235


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Here it happens again – another tragedy, this time in Washington DC. Are we getting so de-sensitized by these horrible events, that we just change the channel searching anywhere for hope and inspiration? My thought is we don’t have to go too far. In an open letter written to all teachers by the mom of a Sandy Hook little girl who was killed, Nelba Marquez-Greene sends out a powerful message to remind us about the key role teachers play in our children’s lives. Here are excerpts of that letter:


“As another school year begins and old routines settle back into place, I wanted to share my story in honor of the teachers everywhere who care for our children. I lost my 6-year-old daughter Ana Grace on Dec.14, 2012 in the rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School. While waiting in the firehouse that day to hear the official news that our daughter was dead, my husband and I made promises to ourselves, to each other, and to our son. We promised to face the future with courage, faith and love. As teachers and school employees begin this new year, my wish for you is that same courage, faith and love.


It takes guts to be a teacher. Six brave women gave their lives trying to protect their students at Sandy Hook. When I asked my son’s teacher why she returned, she responded, “Because they are my kids. And my students need me now more than ever.” While I pray you will never find yourself in the position of the teachers at Sandy Hook, your courage will support students like my son, who have lived through traumas no child should have to. Your courage will support students who are left out and overlooked, like the isolated young man who killed my daughter. At some point he was a young, impressionable student, often sitting all alone at school. You will have kids facing long odds for whom your smile, your encouraging word and your willingness to go the extra mile will provide the comfort and security they need to try again tomorrow.


When you Google “hero”, there should be a picture of a principal, a school lunch worker, a custodian, a reading specialist, a teacher, or a bus monitor.  Real heroes don’t wear capes. They work in America’s schools.

Parents are sending their precious children to you this fall. Some will come fully prepared, and others not. They will come fed and with empty bellies. They will come from intact homes and fractured ones. Love them all.

A few weeks before the shooting Ana Grace and I shared a special morning…she sensed I was distracted and asked, “What’s the matter, Mom?” I remember saying to her, “Nothing baby. It’s just work.” She looked at me for a very long time with a thoughtful stare, then she told me, “Don’t let them suck your fun circuits dry, Mom.”

As you begin this school year, remember Ana Grace. Walk with courage, with faith and with love. And don’t let them suck your fun circuits dry.”


Thank you Nelba…and thanks to all the teachers and staff who matter every day in our children’s lives. We appreciate you and thank you for making a difference.


For Job Seekers –This section is important for Londoners seeking job opportunities! Please help by adding to my list of employment links at www.edholdermp.ca/joblinks by passing along job links to support all those seeking employment.  If you are an employer looking for staff in London, please advise me. If you know of firms who are hiring, just let me know. My list of employment links is extensive so please accept my thanks. This week:

  • The London Cross Cultural Learner Centre is hiring a Community Development Worker. Send your resume to: communications@lcclc.org
  • Malibu Restaurant is seeking experienced Cooks. Apply in person at 1622 Dundas Street.
  • Titan Trailers is hiring Welders. To apply email: hr@titantrailers.com.    


Last Issue We Asked You... - “Do you believe a provincial Charter should prevail over the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?23% said YES, 72% said NO and 5% said UNSURE. (639 votes). 


This Week’s Question... The federal government plans to bring in new laws that will require high-risk child sex offenders - there are 30,000 people on the broader National Sex Offender Registry - to notify police before they travel abroad. The government is also considering a proposal to create a publicly accessible national registry of high-risk child sex offenders. As things stand now, the police can alert communities to offenders who pose significant risks. With the prospect of a nation-wide public registry the government is trying to determine the right of the public to access information through a national public registry, which might include the convicted sex offenders' names, photos, address; versus the potential of backlash against the offender such as possible harassment and activities that run them out of communities, mistreatment or possible vigilantism. So this week I am asking: “Would you support a publicly accessible national registry of high-risk sex offenders? Please visit www.edholdermp.ca/poll to vote.


Meetings & Delegations

  • Dealt with a number of issues through my constituency office and Ottawa, including: Senate, Parliament, Human Rights in Russia, Charter of Values, Deporations, Marijuana, Greyson & Loubani, Bill C-322: Federal Ban on Horse Slaughter, Immigration, Striking Diplomats, GMO Alfalfa, China, NAFTA, CPP-OAS, Syrian Crisis;
  • Attended the annual 9/11 Memorial hosted by the London Professional Fire Fighters Association at the London Fire Department Memorial Headquarters; thanks to Executive Officer, Tom Nicholson and members of the Executive; also present were Fire Chief John Kobarda, Police Chief Brad Duncan and City Manager, Art Zuidema and many fire fighters among others to attend this solemn tribute;
  • Took part in the London North Centre 4th Annual Conservative EDA BBQ at Windermere Manor; Judite and I appreciated MP Susan Truppe’s hospitality along with her Board, volunteers and supporters;
  • Met with Veterans Memorial Parkway Community Program Executive Director Barry Sandler and Cam Cunningham where I was updated on future projects along the VMP;
  • Was visited by Paul Paolatto of WORLDiscoveries who has responsibility for Western’s Research Parks; we discussed some of the long-range goals of the Parks;
  • Met with CEO John Callaghan and Development Officer Nneka Allan of St. Joseph's Hospice who are campaigning to build London’s first residential hospice;
  • My office staff in London attended a regional Constituency Staff dinner with staffers from the offices of a number of south-western Ontario MPs;
  • Along with Mike Tansey of Oxford Dodge Chrysler, we again carried the banner in the 6th annual Walk a Mile in her Shoes event in London to support the end of violence against women and children; it was great to see MP Susan Truppe in attendance supporting her husband, Walter in the Walk; sincere thanks to Executive Director Kate Wiggins, Pamela Corey and all the staff and volunteers who organized this important event PHOTO;
  • Took part in several events, announcements and a Science roundtable at Western University as the Hon. Greg Rickford, Minister of State for Science and Technology was in London; Western University became a significant recipient with 27 Insight and Insight Development grants, which is why London was chosen to make this national announcement of more than $100 million committed to Canadian researchers and scientists; throughout the day MPs Joe Preston, Susan Truppe and I met with Western’s President Amit Chakma, Dr. John Denstedt of Schulich, Dr. Chris Schlacta, Dr. Rajni Patel and Phil Hunt of CSTAR and a host of business leaders and academic personnel PHOTOS;
  • Helped welcome Peter White (formerly the Executive Director of the LEDC) to his new role as Western's new Executive Director of Government Relations & Strategic Partnerships;
  • Met Jaime Martinez of Latino London, a group dedicated to Latino Canadian community activities; for information go to www.lationo-london.com;
  • Met with Amin Saab where he provided me with an update on the London Multicultural Club; for information go to www.londonmc.ca
  • Was represented at the Sexual Assault Centre Annual General Meeting;
  • Brought sincere congratulations on the 40th Anniversary celebration of the Alice Saddy Association; while I never met Alice Saddy, her husband, Fairhart was a dear friend.  It was great to have their daughter Mary Jean Edgar share her memories of Alice at the event and meet son, Paul Saddy.


Austin VanderBurgt I am pleased to welcome Austin into our London office as a co-op intern.  He is a final year student at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School and has a deep passion for political science.  He has an impressive bio and has great plans on continuing his education.  I want to pay tribute to the Cooperative Education program through the London District Catholic School Board.  I know that the Thames Valley School Board has key co-op programs as well.  I think this is an important way for students to get practical experience as they further their education.  Please help me welcome Austin to our office!


Vote for Your Favorite CharityHeadquartered in London, the Sunshine Foundation is taking part in an online charitable giving program this year. The campaign runs from September 1st to November 30th. Visit this link to What Gives YYC site along with a short overview of the campaign details: http://www.whatgivesyyc.com/charity-spotlight.shtmlThe charity with the most votes in each round gets $8K. Second place gets $3K and third gets $1.5K. Vote for your favourite charity. Share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, FourSquared etc. and get your favourite charity a shot at $8K and tons of exposure.


Nominate a Caregiver - Canada Cares Caregiver Awards will honour and recognize caregivers across the country. Five family caregivers and five professional caregivers from four regions (Western, Central, Atlantic, Northern) will receive a Canada Cares Caregiver Award. From these winners one family and one professional caregiver will be chosen as the Canada Cares National Caregiver of the Year. Also, one deserving nominee will be awarded the $10,000 One Wish Award. Please visit www.canadacares.org  for full details and nomination forms, or use the form provided here. Canada Cares is a not-for-profit organization whose vision is to create a sense of community for family and professional caregivers by increasing awareness, providing encouragement and showing appreciation.


Events Listing – Please submit your upcoming event! The events listing page at http://www.edholdermp.ca/events is always changing. Most events are family-friendly and free. If you want your event listed, please follow the submission process at www.edholdermp.ca/events/submit.




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